Bonsai Wisdom Convention, Mumbai

4 bonsai masters of renown

We are happy to announce that D Ravindran of Nikki Bonsai Garden is one of the contestants in the Bonsai Styling contest being held at the Bonsai Wisdom Convention in Mumbai from the 20th -22nd of February 2014. This contest is for seasoned Bonsai Instructors who will be provided with a ‘raw’ bonsai, which they […]

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Meeting Masters | Budi Suliysto at the All India Bonsai Convention and Exhibition 2012

Budi Suliysto with his Bonsai demonstration at the All India Bonsai Convention and Exhibition-2012

Budi Suliysto, who is the first Indonesian to win an international award for Bonsai at the International Bonsai Exhibition in Osaka, Japan by the Nippon Bonsai Association is renowned the world over for his highly informative book in the Indonesian language, titled ‘Bonsai’.Watching Budi Suliysto doing his magic is like a watching a surgeon at work. You are amazed and inspired at the same time.

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