Group Planting – A Step by Step Guide

closeup view of the group

Follow Nikki Bonsai’s D Ravindran as he guides you through a step by step guide to the group planting style of bonsai. This demonstration was part of the three day interactive workshop and demonstration session held in Lucknow on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of March, organized by the Avadh Bonsai Association.

Group Planting Step 1:

Make a selection of an appropriately large pot and suitable plants for the group planting project. The plant selected here for this demonstration is the Fukien Tea or Fujian Tea Tree (Carmona retusa).

Selection of plants for group planting


Step 2:

Arrange the selected plants in the pot with appropriate spacing to form a neat group.

Positioning of trees optimally


Step 3:

Fill up the pot with sufficient soil for the new planted group.

Filling up pots with soil


Step 4:

Once the pot has been filled up with enough soil, the next step is of course to water the plants.



Step 5:

Once you are done, this is what the group plantation looks like.

The group plantation


Now you have an excellent addition to your bonsai collection in the group planting style. And here is a close up shot of the project.

closeup view of the group


Watch this space for updates about workshops and more tips and techniques of training bonsai from Nikki Bonsai’s D Ravindran.

  1. im from calicut…can i meet u there?? is there any exhibition cntct in calicut??

  2. D.J. Ravimdranm says:

    Many thanks for this very helpful post. It will inspire me to try it

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