Nikki Bonsai’s Dhyanalinga for Shivaratri

Nikki Bonsai's Dhyanalinga at Nagercoil

Nikki Bonsai’s D Ravindran, created a Dhyanalinga at Nagercoil specially for the Mahashivaratri celebrations of the Isha Yoga Foundation at the DVD Higher Secondary School. This small scale replica of the famed Dhyanalinga (built by Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev at the Isha Yoga Center in Velliangiri, Coimbatore) was created using cuttings from bonsai and bonsai materials of the Casuarina tree.

 Ravindran received a helping hand from a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers from the Isha Foundation in the completion of this project. The frame of the Dhyanalinga was made using metal wires and Oasis foam. The head of the snake, whose coils form the base of the Dhyanalinga is made from regular clay.

The original on which Nikki Bonsai's Dhyanalinga was based

The original at Coimbatore.

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