Nikki Bonsai in Kairali TV’s prestigious Bhoomigeetham | Part 1


Nikki Bonsai’s D Ravindran was featured in Kairali TV’s prestigious Bhoomigeetham ( Ode to Mother Earth), a weekly tribute to inspirational minds that have broken new ground in the cultivation of Flora and Fauna in the State of Kerala, South India. The 5 – part video, where Nikki Bonsai’s D Ravindran speaks to  P A Siddhartha Menon, is in Malayalam, and we are trying our best to  publish an equivalent transcript of the entire feature in English which would be beneficial to those unfamiliar with the language.

In this first part of the video series, D Ravindran speaks about his journey of discovery, explains in broader terms on what exactly the art of Bonsai means with respect to gardening, and busts some popular myths on the established aversions to this fine art.

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