Nikki Bonsai Congratulates Padmashri Panditji

PAnditji Recieves Padmashri from President

Brahmadeo Rao Pandit recieves the Padmashri from the President Shri Pranab Mukherjee


Brahmadeo Ram Pandit or Panditji as he is fondly known among the bonsai crowd has been honoured with the prestigious Padmashri Award by the Government of India. This Master Craftsman receives the Award for Excellence in Pottery And Nikki Bonsai congratulates him on this great honor bestowed upon him.

There is one common factor uniting every single Bonsai grower in India – whether he or she is from the North or the South; whether aligned with any of the numerous Bonsai Associations mushrooming across the country or is an independent bonsai enthusiast – and that is Panditji and his amazing Bonsai pots. For years, Byandher in Mumbai has been the sole destination for all bonsai growers in India, for this is where Panditji has his workshop where he fashions his pots. These unique pots have been the base for every single Bonsai grower in India on which he grows his trees and crafts his dream bonsais. Without Panditji’s pots, none of us would be able to pursue this hobby of ours, often considered exotic.

padmashree group

For BR Pandit, a third generation craftsman who comes from a family of traditional potters from Bihar, it was a radical change to switch to studio pottery from traditional pottery. But he honed his craft at the KVIC Central Village Pottery Institute at Khanapur and the Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi and went on to win several awards for his excellent craftsmanship. he has also conducted solo exhibitions at the prestigious Sophia and Jehangir Art Galleries.

Nikki Bonsai has always had a special place in Panditji’s heart and the feeling has always been mutual. Panditji and his pots have been with Nikki Bonsai right from the start of our journey. That is why it is a matter of personal pleasure for us that Panditji has won this great honour. This is something that all bonsai growers in the nation are celebrating and Nikki Bonsai is right here applauding this man who brings together the Bonsai community of India, not just with his ceramic pots, but also with his down to earth simplicity and warmth.

Here is a selection of Nikki Bonsai plants in Panditji’s bonsai pots:


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  2. kailash varma says:

    Very nice work,
    I would like 2 visit once.

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