Heron Bonsai’s Peter Chan’s visit to Nikki Bonsai

D Ravindran and Peter Chan at Nikki Bonsai

Heron Bonsai’s Peter Chan, the world renowned bonsai master with whom D Ravindran has been in contact since 1995, made a personal visit to see  D Ravindran’s Nikki Bonsai Garden and his work for the last 40 years. He is the first distinguished Bonsai master to make a visit to his garden.

He also expressed his great appreciation for Ravindran’s lifelong endeavour in the following words:

You have one of the best bonsai in India that I have seen. Be more assertive and don’t be shy to show your bonsai to the world. I am sure your skill will be recognized by every bonsai enthusiast in India and abroad. Your honesty and integrity will shine through. Good luck in all that you do.
With warm regards,
Your friend,
Peter Chan

Peter Chan, on his life’s journey.

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