18 November 2012 | Nikki Bonsai Garden Visit and Interactive Demo for Kerala Bonsai Association members.

Bonsai Nursery at Nikki Bonsai

Nikki Bonsai is organising a Bonsai garden visit for  the selected 50 members of the Kerala Bonsai Association on November 18, 2012. It may be recalled that the Exhibition that was conducted by  the Kerala Bonsai Association  during the Onam celebrations at the Jawahar Balabhavan Thiruvanathapuram, from August 30 to September 4, 2012 had been on of the most effective events in the Association’s history, in terms of rekindling interest in the general public in the art of Bonsai. The feedback and the enquiries for exploring more on this beautiful and brilliant art of gardening  had left us overwhelmed.  The event also triggered a significant increase in the membership of the association, which is also unprecedented.

It is a selected 50 from these enthusiasts who would be visiting the Nikki Bonsai garden on 18 November 2012. They would also be attending a One-on-one interactive session with D Ravindran, the founder of Nikki Bonsai, who would be walking them through the basics of the Bonsai art, introduction to the most common techniques involved for beginners and an overview of the adaptability of the plant species available locally for Bonsai.

The Nikki Bonsai Garden visit and interactive demo  is a first in a series of workshops and sessions in Bonsai art and care that would be held by Nikki Bonsai for this final quarter of 2012. If interested in attending one, you could keep yourselves in the loop through our various Social media pages, or “Subscribe” to the updates from this site straight into your e-mail box. November promises to be very exciting for the Bonsai lovers in India, as the Banyan Bonsai Club of Vadodra is hosting the 2012 All India Bonsai Convention and Exhibition, at Hotel Surya Palace Hotel, Vadodara, Gujarat, from 23th to 26th November, 2012.  Nikki Bonsai would be attending the full session, and look forward to meeting more of like-minded explorers in the art of Bonsai there.

Please feel free to use our Contact page if there is anything you would need to know on Bonsai care in India. Nikki Bonsai would be right by you.



  1. Sir
    I was searching someone who can help me in making first bonsai. Actually i dont know the availability of pots tools etc in kerala.But the photos of bonsai always inspired me a lot. I have a strong passion in agriculture. I’m in dubai and though the climate is not suitable for growing plants i always taking care to maintain some greenery in my flat . When i was in Qatar i made a vegitable garden there with tomatos carrot pumpkin green chilly cauliflower etc….After seeing some videos my passion towards bonsai increased but the videos i watched were from various europeans.Tthings may be different in kerala.so i need each and everything about making of bonsai in kerala.Hope you can help me in this regard

  2. Dear sir

    are you conducting bonsai classes pls let me know the duration & fees

    • Nikki Bonsai says: (Author)

      Hi Anil,
      On Feb 10th, Sunday, there is a class in Trivandrum. If you are from Trivandrum or the vicinity, you could attend that. If not, if you could let me know where you are I can tell you if there is a class in your area.
      Thank you for your interest.

  3. Nikki Bonsai says: (Author)

    Glad you enjoyed visiting the website and that you find the information useful. You can plan a visit to the Bonsai Garden anytime. Please let us know about your plans.

  4. Now only visited ur website.So missed ur bonsai garden visit.photos inspired me a lot .Shall I visit ur garden?
    Thanking U for ur information

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